What You Need to Know about Day Spas

You’d be shocked to know there are different types of spas present. Although there are many, the main two are day and getaway spas. They are both perfect if you want to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of your life. However, what if you had to pick between the two? How would you know which one to go to? Below, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about day spas.

What Are They?

They are similar to any other type of spa, except for a few key features. Let’s discuss that:

Firstly, they offer treatments such as facials, massages, aromatherapy and foot soaks- basically all the spa staples. To see how it differs, you have to look to its name to find out.

It is a “day” spa. Thus, the services offered do not last a weekend, rather a day. If your goal is to go away for a weekend of pampering, this is not for you. Instead, look for spa getaways. This is as they are situated in the city, so are shops with closing times. So, don’t expect to pack for a weekend of relaxation, instead treatment between their working times.

Frankly, there are more day spas than their counterpart. To find one near you, look through their websites, such as eclipsedayspa.com.au.

Why Should You Visit One?

Visiting a day spa boasts many benefits that their getaway counterparts simply do not offer. For example, they are smaller in size. This is as they do not host a variety of customers at a time, instead, booked clients that come in during their opening hours. This size difference allows for an amplification of the spa ambiance. The smaller size evokes a more relaxed feel as it feels intimate. And, the lack of activity would help with your privacy, not allowing you to get disturbed.

It would also cause a more personal experience as you and the therapist can bond, making the treatment more special. Moreover, as you and your therapist have a greater chance of bonding, he would get to know about your needs in-depth, adjusting the treatment to tend to your ailments.

As the spa is small, hosting a limited number of clients at a time, the sessions are not lengthy. For some of you, this may be a disadvantage, but for some, this is the opposite. Having shorter sessions means that you are thoroughly focused on by your therapist as he would want to make this time count. And, you wouldn’t risk the chance of getting bored due to the running out of stimulation. However, you could say that you wouldn’t feel as relaxed as if you were coming out of a longer session which is a con.

Another benefit would be the ease of access. Getaway spas are situated in locations that are usually scenic, in a bid to surround itself in a soothing environment. This is done to amplify the spa experience. Usually, this means they are hours away.On the other hand, day spas are shops, located in the city, so are easily accessible. Thus, you won’t have to waste your time, spending hours on the road just to get a back massage.

As we’ve concluded the article, you are now an expert on the topic. Will you be visiting a day spa near you?


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