Top 5 Things To Do In Tuscany

If you happen to be a travel enthusiast who loves exploring cities that are home to picturesque landscapes fit to be a part of a painting, then this city is just the place for you! The Tuscany region in Italy is home to lush greenery like no other and is surrounded by medieval hill-towns that showcase several ancient buildings built centuries ago. If you are planning a vacation to this gorgeous location, here is a list of things that you must do while visiting Tuscany.

Pilgrimage To La Verna

If you are someone who loves visiting old historic places of worship then this monastery is a must visit place in Tuscany. Overlooking the gorgeous views of the Apennines, this place is one of the prime pilgrimage sites in Tuscany where people from different parts of the world arrive to pay homage. You can even stay at the guesthouses surrounding this area if you wish to spend a day or two here.

Visit The Art Museums

There are various cities in Europe that are known for their exquisite architecture and the finest paintings. There are thousands of museums across Europe that showcase some of the best paintings in the world. Tuscany is home to some of Italy’s finest art collection that is definitely worth paying a visit to, irrespective of whether you happen to have a keen interest in art or not.

Cycle Around Town

It is quite mainstream for tourists to travel in tour buses to check out the hidden gems of a new town and to see some of the best tourist attractions too. Since the weather in this Italian region is generally good, you can experience the city on a different scale. Opt for one of the Tuscany cycling tours that will help you explore areas of this town and have a completely different experience.

Relax At A Spa

All that travelling and walking around new places is bound to take a toll on your health, leaving you quite tired and worn out. So why not take this opportunity to hit the spa and check out some of the best spas in all of Italy? However, if you feel that spas can cost a lot and you do not want to spend your money on this, you can always visit Bagno Vignoni that is home to hot springs and sulfur pools that can be accessed for free!

Wine And Dine

It is nothing new that Italy is home to some of the best and largest vineyards that produce the world’s most famous wines. So pay a visit to some of the renowned vineyards and get a glimpse of how some of the finest wine in the world is manufactured.

If you think that these are the only options that you have as a tourist visiting this Italian region for the first time, then you are clearly mistaken. There are several other places to visit and this list comprises only the top 5 things to do in Tuscany. So make sure you explore your options and choose the ones that cater to your taste and requirements.

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