Online therapy; is it really worth it to the psychologists? – A review

A lot of us are constantly going through a lot; this may be due to relationship issues, problems at work, unaddressed trauma and this list goes on. This is why the role of the psychologists or even counselors go a very long way. When you’re not well, your wives won’t be, your occupations won’t be, and your children won’t be too – but sometimes, it is the duty of the therapist to convince that as well. In such responsible context, the technological developments sure elevates the quality of this help. Or does it?

The concept of online therapy is not entirely new. When a take a call and ask how your friend is doing and give them a piece of advice to keep things together; that is a very basic online therapy method. But when dealing with matters that require serious focus, proper techniques and consistent follow ups, the role of the professional psychologists and counsellors is quite vital. The shortest and the sweetest answer for the question that ends up the last paragraph is, yes; not only it elevates the quality, it brings a number of benefits as well.

The first one is related to the use of time. When you are moving from one place to another, there will be a considerable time wasted to the road. On the flip side, there will be more than one instances where your clients are late to the appointments. If you could take away the time factor out of the equation, it would allow you save a lot of time. This saved time can be either used for your personal benefit or for another one or more patients. Although only teleportation may allow this, online therapy does it too.

The next one is the ability to reach out to international clients. Suppose you are a person who has already covered the local area and you have dealt with everyone; or worse, there aren’t anyone to be treated? With a solution like telehealth software for mental health practitioners you easily will be able to hold online therapy sessions in the professional way. But, if it just a video call, should things be complicated?

The word you are looking for is professional. In order for you to conduct your well times sessions, ensure that you are aware of all the appointments, the attachments and all kinds of media that you can share real-time, unique IDs for each patient… these are some of the must have features of such online therapy, if you want to ensure that you practice your profession in the right way. Having a solution like this helps you to do your job on the days when your clients do not even want to get out of their beds.

The bottom line is, if you are a psychologist in the industry, having invested in a solution like this is never a bad choice. All you need to do is going for the right company.

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