Managing Emotions – Not Harmful but Helpful

If you are born as a human, going through various emotions comes with the package. Sometimes you keep telling yourself that there is no need to feel angry, sad or anxious about something. It could be that there is some public misdemeanour.

And you have decided to intervene out of anger or a feeling of responsibility. It could cost you more than a bit of time. We have all heard of incidents where a third party intervenes and sometimes go as far and serious as to lose their own lives! So, what is the best way to manage your emotions and not get into unnecessary incidents?

Negative Versus Positive Emotions

As humans we have happy moments, sad moments and moments where we feel neutral. We have emotions also in a wide range of the spectrum. We all feel happy, elated, proud etc. at times. These are the positive emotions that we have. We also feel negative ones, such as sadness, anger and fear. Both positive as well as negative emotions are a very basic part of life and it is not likely that we have a life without any emotions or with only positive emotions.

It is true that we sometimes struggle looking for ways to deal with these various sorts of emotions, negative and positive, in life. Because the very first temptation we get is to act on what we feel right away, and not think about the consequences. But as explained above also, it will mostly lead to more negativity outcomes rather than good.

Helpful Ways to Deal with Emotions

Again, it is easy to preach what to do when you are angry or feeling sad, however you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Use helpful ways to deal with emotions rather than react suddenly. First, you need to stop. At least take a small break, pause, and breathe before you do something. Acknowledge the fact that you are feeling something negative or even positive.

Think about what and how you are feeling and then decide to act on it, if need be. Most of the situations that we react to actually do not need any reactions. You could probably observe them and mind your own business. Some people use medications and similar products to help with staying calm. For example, there are many CBD tincture benefits. There are other medicinal therapies as well. However, it is important that you are aware of what is going on and react in a smart way.

Try Helpful Ways

Always be aware of the way you feel. It could be useful to find a name to what you are feeling. For example, when you are feeling angry, question yourself, what am I feeling and why am I feeling this way? It is harmful to hide what you are feeling, from yourself. Get to know why you feel the way you do as well. Sometimes when you truly analyse it, you will see that there is nothing for you to feel angry about. Don’t directly blame to yourself or anyone else.

All the emotions are natural and why you are feeling them is understandable. Try to figure out this truth.


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