How to Deal With Severe Neck Pain

Factors like aging, poor office ergonomics and stress can take their toll on our body parts. Anyone reading this article, has probably suffered from severe neck pain at some point in their lives. It doesn’t just come about overnight and can even be a symptom of a more serious issue like arthritis. If you can’t rotate your head and you have a mind numbing pain stemming from your neck, then you’ll have to keep in mind all the ways you can relieve this neck pain. Here are some simple ways you can go about it.


If you’re suffering from severe neck pain, your first move would be to look up ‘chiropractor near me’ and have it checked out by a professional before the situation escalates. They’ll be able to resolve your issue with minimal hassle.’


At times you might be subject to bad postures and not even realize it until your limbs start aching. By staying in one position for far too long, you don’t really give yourself a chance to change these bad postures. So make it an active habit to keep moving around so that your neck isn’t stuck in an unhealthy position for longer than is necessary.

Ergonomic Adjustments

Firstly think about why your neck issues might be coming about. It could certainly be due to your ergonomic adjustments. Especially in offices, a small issue like a chair being too high or too low, can give way to bad posture and as a result, aching limbs. So make sure your chair is at a comfortable length at all times, that you don’t work in poor lighting and that you get up and walk around every once in a while to shake your limbs out.


It might seem like a farfetched connection but when you can’t see properly or your prescriptions are not up to date, you find yourself straining your eyes more, getting more headaches AND leaning your head in what is normally an uncomfortable position to be able to identify better what you’re looking at. Doing this continuously can also give way or contribute in a small manner to neck pains. It’s always better to check these small toxic habits.


We all know the consequences of waking up after a full night’s sleep in a bad posture. You can’t twist your head properly and it simply aches to get yourself up off the bed. Remember not to surround yourself with too many pillows. This can actually restrict your neck’s motion during the night and give way to that neck pain. By getting a good night’s sleep, you also reduce the chances of getting different conditions because you’ll be giving your body the chance to heal from the day’s work.

Know Your Limits

Know what it is you can and cannot carry. For example, don’t try to lug a heavy cabinet across your living room with complete disregard of what it might do to your back or neck. If you feel like you need help, put your pride away and ask for it or you’ll end up with severe pains that will have you stuck in bed for days.

These are the best ways you can deal with a severe neck pain.

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