How to Adjust to The Toxicity of The World

Researches have recently found that the stress levels of teenagers nowadays equate to the stress levels of mental patients during the 70’s. That being said, the world has now achieved a skyrocketing level of stressors and psychological toxicity for people worldwide. Chronic stress has now become the norms of everyday living. The technological advancements somehow contribute to the isolation of man to his surroundings; the more things are available to be experienced on the digital platform the more that people want to have and patronize that experience rather than experience it themselves on a personal level.

The degradation of values and morality has also seen a steep decline in the past decade, families have now been attacked and doubted to the point that the human person has now achieved a state wherein he does not have any sort of normalcy and a constant feeling of vulnerability; the human person has no safe place anymore and everything he sees in the environment is either commercialized or exploitative of his being. We are now all part of the system of corrupted society and too little has made ways to make it better.

Here are the results of high levels of chronic stress and toxicity to our younger generations:

Drug Abuse

Without any place within society to be appreciated and to gain the attention younger generations has now grown up to be too fragile and too sensitive, and the feelings of oppression and abandonment that they have felt from their families and from society itself it makes their mindset too rigid and they have now become too maladjusted to be integrated in the world that they would rather choose to use drugs and escape to a fantasy of fleeting feelings of grandeur and most of them never want sot  get back.


Like drug abuse, alcoholism is also on the rise. Young people have now been drinking liquors at ages where they should have not been. Without any guidance from parents and without any role models to look up to, young people has now chosen to indulge in pleasure rather than commit their energy and time into activities that mould them into well-developed and mature adults someday. Also the rise of triple A and rehabilitation centres around the world are also observed, alcohol rehab retreat in Melbourne and other major cities in the world are also on the rise.

High Rates of Suicide

Many people today would rather choose death than to live another minute in their seemingly accursed lives.

Many have never found the reason for living and have failed to see the meaning of life the lens of pain and hardship. This is also due to the humanistic philosophy that the world are introducing to young people that they should yearn for happiness, but it would best serve people to find meaning which is more transformative and transcendent than seeking for the mere felling of being happy.

It would be very great to see more people involved in the march towards ridding this world of its negativity and toxicity to make a better place for the future generation.

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