Fulfilling what the western medicine cannot fulfill – naturopathy 101

Being sick is never a choice; although we all want to think how much of a control we have of our body, the simplest flu could get us to break down. The best example is how the world is malfunctioning with COVID-19. But here, what we are talking about is not fighting against pandemics but taking care of body, when the western medicine cannot fulfil it.

In the western medical science, the interpretation of some of the medical conditions are not entirely understood. For an example, most of the mental health issues still cannot be properly fixed without several side effects, that can go not only for a limited, but also be passed on to the upcoming generations too. Rather than evidence-based medicine, these sorts of treatments are mostly based on vitalism and folk medicine. But can it be helpful? If so, for what sorts of conditions?

The most fundamental approach of these treatments is treating the mind, the soul and the body as one. Given how you will not be treated only on the affected area, but the entire body as whole, it eradicates all the chances for any kind of a condition to spring up in the future as well.

A truly reliable and professional naturopath clinic in Melbourne would understand the number of areas that ought to be covered in order to bring out the best quality of these treatments. These must include;

  • Herbal therapy
  • Nutritional approach
  • Stress managing and counselling
  • Flower essence therapy

As far as we know, conditions like depression and anxiety can be addressed by using anti-depressants. But what they do is, putting a quite a heavy weight on the condition, so it will stay down; so down that it no longer will have a good power to affect your lifestyle. However, in these sorts of approaches, the problem will be addressed, spoken to and untangled. Simultaneously, your brain nerves and the whole system attached to it will be healed by using the above-mentioned methods. But is this the only type of condition/s that naturopathic treatments can fix? Absolutely not.

There are many other conditions that can be fixed by these methods. For an example, one of the biggest problems that most of the men and women face is the infertility issues. The western medicinal system sometimes fails to get you up to the point where it is resolved since the treatments methods do not vary from person to person; it is quite default. In naturopathy, every treatment style is based both on the nature of the condition and the nature of the person as well. This is why these methods have always been quite successful in the past.

Hence, let it be,

  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Detoxing
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Gynecological conditions
  • Body weight management

And several other conditions that you may struggling with, going for more nature and spiritual energy-based treatments like these would increase the chances for you to recover quicker and with no collateral damage.

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