Dieting Tips for Athletes and Hopefuls

Meal planning for athletes is just as important as actually practising the sport. As some famous athletes like to say, let food be your medicine. Athletes often have to diet to maintain a healthy weight and muscle mass. Athletes that have to enter major events may have to gain or lose weight to meet entry requirements. In any case, here are healthy dieting tips athletes should follow:

Diet According To Your Sport

The nutritional requirements you need as an athlete would largely depend on the sport you undertake. For example, a marathon runner would require a different meal plan than a boxer. There are some overlapping qualities of course. Regardless, your dieting plan must be uniquely tailored to your sport and your individual requirements. Look up what you need first before sticking to any plan.

Seek a Professional Dietitian

Dieting on your own may seem like the best thing to do. However, you could end up making a serious mistake. Your diet plan as an athlete should include all the nutrients you need as a high performer. You also need specific meal requirements to gain or lose weight on time. Individuals are also highly likely to fall into fad diets that do more harm than good. Therefore, seek out a professional sports nutritionist Gold Coast for proper diet advice. Your team or sponsors might be willing to cover the costs if you are cash strapped.

Make Sure You Are Eating Plenty of Vegetables

Athletes are highly prone to loading up their diet with proteins and carbohydrates. Proteins build muscle and the carbs give you the energy you want. In between these two, there are lots of other nutrients you need. Therefore, an athlete must have a variety of vegetables included in his or her diet. Don’t think drinking a lot of protein shakes can make up for not eating your veggie greens. It doesn’t. You must plan well to include vegetables of all colours in your diet for a comprehensive nutrient plan.

Don’t Ignore the Electrolytes

Electrolytes are small minerals that circulate around your body. Most fluid parts of your body have electrolytes. These little molecules are very important because they are what maintains the water balance in your body. When you sweat a lot, you are likely to lose a lot of electrolytes, putting you at risk for dehydration and other health complications. That’s why your athletic diet must include plenty of fluids to maintain the proper electrolyte balance in your body.

Keep a Food Diary

Want to make sure you intake more proteins rather than sugar? Keeping a food diary can help athletes achieve weight gain or lose goals. It would also help you understand the type of foods you are prone to eating all day. Food diary does a lot more than counting calories. It would help you understand the type of food you need to eat and also love to eat. Your diet plan can revolve around that. A food diary would also immensely help you stick to your prescribed meal plan and prevent straying.

Dieting as an athlete can be hard work. But it’s necessary to help you achieve your sporting goals. The above tips would thus help you diet properly as a professional athlete.

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