Best Options for Treating Protruding Teeth

Protruding teeth, or buck teeth, are one of those horrifying dental problems typically kids face. Buck teeth can alter the appearance of a smile, and generally make your front teeth look unsightly. If untreated in childhood, buck teeth may cause problems in adulthood. Other than appearance issues, buck teeth can contribute to jaw bone loss later in life. So it’s never too late to fix the problem.

A dentist would describe buck teeth as a condition where the teeth are moved too far forward as a result of gaps between teeth getting bigger. The jawbone gets extended forward as well. Obviously, the bone structure would make the lips protrude too. Buck teeth is commonly caused by thumb sucking in childhood, though other reasons may also contribute.

Buck teeth cannot be corrected overnight. However, thanks to modern dentistry advances, the problem can be fixed in a matter of weeks. Only the severe cases require months or years to fix.

Here is a list of the most popular options for fixing buck teeth:


The most traditional and still popular options for fixing buck teeth are braces. A dentist first has to access your buck teeth and choose a suitable type of orthodontic braces Kingsville. This option is suitable for both mild and severe buck teeth, though dentists these days only prescribe braces for the latter because of appearance issues.

Braces are technically brackets connected by wires. They are designed uniquely to fit the wearer’s soft palate. Once worn, the wires gently exert mild pressure on the jawbone and protruding teeth to retreat back into the normal position. Wearers may feel mild tension exerted by the wires, but it’s not painful.

Dentists need to check up on braces between intervals during the period of treatment. The dentist will progressively tighten the braces as the teeth retreat. The treatment stops once the teeth align with the lower jaw, restoring the natural bite.

Braces are highly effective, but they are unsightly in appearance. Patients, in some cases, can choose to wear braces only at night to avoid wearing them in public.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners work like braces, except that these are transparent. These are great to avoid the social anxiety that comes with braces. Clear aligners like Invisalign are commonly prescribed to treat mild buck teeth. Essentially, a clear aligner is like transparent tray that you can wear over your teeth. It fixes mild crookedness and protrusions without indicating that you are wearing anything in your mouth.

The downside with clear aligners is that these are not as powerful as wire brackets. These are not recommended for severe buck teeth, which does require wire brackets.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers is a popular treatment method to alter the appearance of teeth. Commonly used to make teeth appear whiter, veneers are purely cosmetic. Regardless, these can fix the appearance of tooth gaps and mildly crooked teeth.

It should be understood that dental veneers don’t fix overbite, under bite, or severe protrusions associated with buck teeth. Unlike wire brackets, these won’t push the teeth back into position. Rather, you can wear veneers to give the appearance of normal teeth as long as the buck teeth issue is very mild.

Dental veneers are expensive, but permanent. They are made from a thin shell of porcelain that a dentist pasted onto your teeth. The treatment process is not painful, and can be done with two or three visits to the dentist.

Ask your dentist which of the above treatment options are best for you. Remember, if your buck teeth are severe, there’s no avoiding braces.

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