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Tips to Lose Your Weight without Too Much Stress

Too Much Stress

Losing weight is a pretty hard and stressful thing for some people. However, there are a lot of ways to make it easier and more effective. In this article, we will share some tips that may help you lose your weight without too much stress and pressures.

The list of recommendations to lose your weight effectively are explained below:
• Mind your portions: make sure to fill half of your plate with vegetables instead of carbohydrate source (potatoes, rice, bread, etc.) and protein (meat, sausages, eggs, etc.). It will help you reduce your calorie intake and take care of your intestine health. Eating vegies will also improve your satiety, which will help you reduce your craving. You can add balsamic vinegar or mayonnaise to add some taste on your vegies if you dislike their taste.
• Eat before exercise: around 2 hours to 90 minutes before you start your exercise, especially a rigorous one, eat high-carbs breakfast to keep yourself fueled. You can try to eat toasts combined with cream cheese or peanut butter, or a tiny bowl of oatmeal combined with fruits. The recommended calorie intake before exercise is around 200 to 250 calories with carbs as its primary source.
• Set a one cheat day per week: cutting your sweets drastically will be very hard, especially if you love sugar so much. To make you less frustrated about your weight loss, you can set a one cheat day where you can eat your favorite cake or ice cream without worries. It takes a total 3500 additional calories intake to gain you a pound of weight, so one day cheating will not affect your overall weight drastically.
• Level up your cooking: getting bored with your food during a diet program is very possible. To solve this problem, you can use some lemons, spices, and fresh herbs in your cooking to create tasty foods. These items will liven up your food and help you eliminate your boredom to certain types of food. The cooking itself will help you reduce the stress you get from your daily activity, which will maintain your positivity and keep yourself motivated to your diet.

Other than the tips mentioned above, it is very important to have a support system that will keep member motivated. Asking a friend or two to accompany your exercise and remind you about your daily calorie intake is also an effective way to lose your weight effectively.

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