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Tips to Get Back on Your Exercise Routine after Hiatus

Routine after Hiatus

Getting back to an exercise routine after a long hiatus due to work can be pretty challenging. In this article we will elaborate some things you can do to restart your exercise routines effectively

Some tips for to restart your working out routine can be read on the list below:
• Determine your purpose and how you will achieve it: before starting your fitness program, it is important to understand, why, what and how you will do the exercise. Listing your why, what, and how will help you set your exercise goals. It will also help you to keep on track later on when you experience set back. It is important to go for athletic gains instead of aesthetic gains to increase the success rate of your exercise program.
• Start gradually: if you or bettor haven’t worked out for a long time, it is suggested to start everything gradually to give times for your body to adapt. You can start it by having 3 times workouts per week with 30 minutes duration each. Gradual exercise is also good for lifestyle change, because you can slowly and steadily include exercise in your daily activities. Every week, add another 30 minutes and you will be surprised on the results.
• Consistency is the key: building and maintaining body fitness need time and consistency. Having rigorous exercises every week is not better than light to moderate exercise 3 to 5 times per week. Exercising can also be a great escape from your daily stressful routine. It does not really matter at what time you exercise, as long as you are consistent with the pattern, your body will adapt itself to keep up with your routine.
• Create a support system: staying motivated is another key to body fitness. Exercising with a group of people who can motivated each other will increase the success rate of your program. This support system will help you preserve yourself. Other positive change outside the gym, such as sleeping pattern, stress level, and eating habits, will highly influence the outcome of your fitness program.

Those are some recommendations from that you can apply in your life if you are planning to start a routine exercise after a long hiatus. Remember, do not be in a rush. Take your time to adapt your body on its new routine. You can discuss your current condition with personal trainer to plan a better exercise routine for your body.

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