Here at The TOUGH Spot gym in Brisbane we focus on and specialise in group classes, working together, motivating each other, challenging each other. A fitness community rather than a walk in, don’t look at anyone, don’t talk to anyone, do my thing and get the hell out as soon as possible.

We have refined and tailored our group classes over the years and ended up with 5 of the best type of group classes, including a Strength class where everyone lifts heavy together! In our circuits you usually train with the Caveman Buddy system, one station, two people, that way if you’re new you’ll always have someone next to you who can help you, not only help you with the exercise but also to motivate you. In our Caveman Boot Camp the whole group works together as one, it creates an amazing group fitness atmosphere that you will not see anywhere else.


If you want to get fit, strong, fast, agile and flexible fast then we recommend our Caveman Circuit Training classes, if you want to put on muscle and get strong then we recommend our Caveman Strength classes, if you want a good core, increase strength and cardio then we recommend our Caveman Kettlebell classes, if you want to focus more on speed, power and cardio then we recommend our Caveman Boot Camp classes, if you want to lose weight fast we recommend Caveman Interval Training, and any of our other classes for that matter.


Want to see what our group classes can do for your fitness? Have a look at Dean who pumps out 100 military burpees well under 7 minutes, military burpees, not just burpees, and then casually does a Caveman Kettlebell class, followed by Caveman Circuit Training class, FOLLOWED by a 90 minute BJJ class!

And no, it’s not just guys at our gym, we got some seriously fit females as well, proof you say? Here’s the proof! Yujin pumps out 100 military burpees well under 7 minutes and then also does a Caveman Kettlebell class followed by a Caveman Circuit Training class. BTW this girl usually beats the guys in challenges.



A testimonial from Rak.

I could post plenty more videos but you’d get bored, have a look at our Youtube channel for more testimonials and seriously fit females and males if you don’t want to come and see it for yourself in person.

Yes yes, we also have a bit of fun at our gym, it’s not all TOUGH Love, only during the session, after we have a good laugh or chat. Here’s a crazy video to show we’ve got a sense of humour as well.

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