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Burn a Thousand Calories in a Single Day

Thousand Calories

Burning calories is something that many people want to do every single day because they want to get rid of the fats that they have. Unfortunately, many of them can only burn few hundred calories in a day while consuming about the same amount of calories from their food. If you want to get rid of those fats faster, you can try these tricks that will help you to burn about 1,000 calories in a day. You just need to do these trick seriously.

The first one is the narrow push up. This one is just a normal push up with the narrower palms. Set it about few inches and do the proper push up for ten times. That will burn a lot of calories in your body. The next one is mountain climber. This one needs speed because on the push up position you need to kick your foot up until your knee reaches your chest. Do it ten times for each of your foot. The third one is Jump Lunge. This one is considered as something easy to do, but if you are doing this exercise seriously, you will run out of energy soon enough for Citipoker88. Make sure you jump 20 times so that each of your foot gets ten times on the front and ten time on the back.

The next one is crocodile work. Just as the name implies, you just need to walk like a crocodile, but on the push up position. With the 90 degree of your both elbows and straight legs to the feet, you need to walk for about ten meters. The last one is doing the jump squat. This one looks easy, but many people made a mistake. When you jump, you need to do the explosive jump that makes you jump higher.

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