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Best Workout Exercise Guides for Women

Guides for Women

Working out is not something that only men do since there are a lot of women who do this kind of exercises too. If you are a woman and you want to do the workout at the gym, there are some nice guides that you might want to try since the basic metabolism of men and women is different. The first one is trying to get more cardio workout as the start. If you think 15 minutes is enough, you need to try something more. Add another five to ten minutes for the cardio as the start of your gym workout.

The next one is doing the high repetition on the heavy lifting rather than increasing the weight. For women, it is better to do 20 repetitions on 1kg dumbbell rather than 5 repetitions on 4kg dumbbell. If you want to increase the weight, try to do it once every one or two weeks. The next guide that you need to do is setting up the plan for the workout. This one is similar with many other people in Speedbet88. You need to know your goal and set the workout schedule. One day you will need to do the arms and legs while some other days you need to focus on your main body.

The last but not least, if you have your own goal in shaping your body, you need to set the realistic time to reach your goal. Do not set your goal at the beginning. You need to set your goal after the first or second weeks of your workout. This will be the best because you can set the most realistic goals based on your personal fitness level. With all of those things above, you can surely get the nice looking body shape that you want despite of the gender that you have.

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