Who or what is The TOUGH Spot?

.. in short – a fitness community on the Costa Del Sol in Spain where we dish out TOUGH Love to get you the results you pay us for.

The TOUGH Spot made a name for itself and established itself as one of the first functional training gyms in Brisbane with Kettlebell Training, Caveman Training, Suspension Training and much more back in 2009. The gym has moved to beautiful Spain, Costa Del Sol to be exact. You can come and train with us while on your holiday enjoying the beautiful beach and mountains of the Costa Del Sol, contact us to discuss your requirements, we can put any fitness holiday package together for you, whether you’re on a budget or want to splurge on yourself. I’m talking about Marbella style luxury where the movie stars stay, we can put you up in a private house with your own nutritionist and trainer (us), or we can rough it as much as you like or NEED, I’m talking about trekking the mountains, staying overnight learning how to survive, or you can choose something in between, we have qualified trainers with amazing knowledge, you dream it, we put it together, whether it is just you or a group. Contact us today to discuss.


In details and in comparison:


Heard of F45? Well, we’re not F45, we’ve been running high intensity classes with the Caveman Buddy system (working together with a partner) performing functional exercises since 2009. Our Cavemantraining is High Intensity Conditioning full body workouts, utilising every muscle in your body with classes that are always different, always surprising the body and keeping the mind entertained.


The TOUGH Spot is a fitness community gym for everyone, based on old values, not shiny new mirrors and posers plus princesses, we focus on results, we dish out TOUGH Love so that you get the results you pay us for. We specialise in Group fitness, Personal Training, 12 Week Challenges and Fitness Assessments. Our results driven programs are:


Caveman Strength

Are you wanting to build strength and become bigger? Then this is the program for you whether you’re male or female, skinny or fat, this is where you start and work your way up. Exercises are performed slowly and the focus is on getting heavy repetitions out, whether that is 4, 6 or 8 reps and whether that is 30kg instead of the 80kg your partner is doing, as long as it’s your max it’s all good. When you first start you might be doing just push-ups, weeks down the track you’ll be doing push-ups with 35kg sandbags on your back, with pull ups you might start with negative pull-ups, you might start with assisted pull-ups, weeks down the track you’ll be doing pull-ups with 20kg hanging from your hips. Read more…


Caveman Circuit Training

This is high intensity conditioning at it’s best, in this class you get a bit of everything, strength, cardio, agility, speed, power and core. Circuits might be designed as stations swapping from Cardio to Strength, Cardio to Strength, or several cardio stations and then Strength, or several stations of agility and then core followed by cardio etc. Exercises are always varied, for example; tyre flips, tyre pushes, wallball, kettlebell dead clean and press, explosive jumping jacks, military burpees and a mix of hundreds of hand picked exercises that will keep your body guessing all the time and your mind entertained plus motivated. Read more…



After some of our Caveman Circuit Training sessions we hold a 10 to 15 minute challenge, this is where people challenge themselves and go for as many reps in a set time. The challenge is optional and should only be attempted by those coming for over 2 months or already very fit and familiar with our exercises, the challenge can be done on it’s own without attending the previous class, however, you’re required to come in 10 minutes before and perform a proper warm-up. Read more…


Challenges always vary, but to give you some idea:

  • 100 burpees under 10 minutes
  • 3 x push-up
    3 x tuck jump
    3 x jumping jack
    3 x squat
    15 rounds within 10 minutes
  • 100 alternating dead clean press under 10 minutes


Caveman Interval Training

Our Caveman Interval Training is loosely based on the Tabata protocol where you exercise at your maximum effort for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds, repeat 6 to 8 times and then move on to the next exercise, usually 5 to 6 exercises in a session that lasts about 18 to 22 minutes (excluding warm-up and stretching). You’ll find mostly body weight exercises or light weight exercises included in this program to maintain high intensity with safe technique and form. Read more…


Caveman Kettlebells

Our Kettlebell classes are highly recommended for anyone participating in our Caveman Circuit Training so that you learn the finer details of exercises like the Kettlebell Swing, Clean, Press and Snatch plus hundreds more. Kettlebells is great for males and females, it’s cardio and strength (plus more) combined in one session. A typical Kettlebell session will feature some mobility drills and warm-up in one, then the trainer will guide everyone through the workout slow and step by step, everyone follows along so you don’t stand there thinking “I won’t remember this!”. Once you know what you’re doing you can go at your own pace or follow along with trainer who will provide cues, demonstrate and correct as you go along. Read more…


Caveman Boot Camp

Our boot camps are based on the old style principles, not the boot camps you’ll see advertised anywhere now, you know the ones I’m talking about “I’m Really Just Group Fitness with a cool name to attract more people”. Neah, these are the real deal. We’ve been running boot camps since 2004 and know how to make each session a workout where you’ll be walking away feeling like you just worked out for 2 hours, while all you did was about 20 minutes of body weight exercises, partner exercises, resistance bands, TRX or exercises with a light weight. It’s high intensity, working as a group creating a great and motivating environment that makes you want to put in every ounce of effort you have left in you. Read more…


Caveman Personal Training

Choose any of our above programs and we’ll focus on your goals in each personal training session and we’ll work around any existing injuries you might have, we’ll target areas that are weak and make them strong, we’ll provide sports specific training and more. Read more…


Yes, we also provide low intensity training if that is what you require, and remember, you’re never working to meet someone else’s abilities, it’s about your maximum not that of the trainer or someone else. The most important thing you need to know is that we aim to reach YOUR goals and we don’t look at our phone while your doing your reps, we won’t be chatting in time you pay us for, we will be talking about the exercise, your form, pushing you to get those extra two reps you think you did not have.

CONTACT US NOW me@tacofleur.com or me@annajunghans.com



We’re located in Spain on the Costa Del Sol, but we’re still offering the same services you can find on this website with the focus being on fitness and detox holidays in Europe.


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